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Our Soothing Rose Mask replenishes moisture leaving the skin with the perfect balance of hydration and glow. The formula features French Illite Pink Clay which revitalizes and renews radiance in dry, tired skin whilst supporting a brighter appearance. Oatmeal and Chamomile extracts help to soothe and comfort the skin. Rose hip extract contains vitamin A and C which are extremely beneficial and moisturizing to skin. Allantoin, soothes and protects, with the ability to help heal the skin and stimulate the growth of new tissue, whilst Rose Geranium, tightens and brightens.

All of our Mineral Face Masks are formulated with a multi-mineral blend of zinc, copper and magnesium, which work synergistically to improve the skin's vitality and boost active ingredients. These triple action, anti-free radical agents aid in improving skin texture and offer a shield against oxidative stress and pollution. Our masks are designed to dry at the perfect speed to allow for maximum nutrient absorption whilst boosting cellular respiration, ATP production and epidermis turnover. The mineral combination safeguards the dermis from the glycation process and aids in smoothing deep wrinkles. Cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, soy free, sulphate free, vegan. 2 fl. oz. (60ml).

Soothing Rose Mask

    • Multi-mineral, chrono energizing blend of Zinc, Copper and Magnesium to work synergistically to improve skin's vitality. These triple action, anti-free radical agents aid in improving skin texture as well as offering a shield against oxidative stress and pollution. 
    • Rice Bran Extract is rich in amino acids, vitamin E and ferulic acid, has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect while also providing both short- and long-term skin hydration, even for sensitive skin.
    • Rosemary Leaf Extract has anti-inflammatory properties to help to reduce swelling and puffiness as well as soothe the skin.
    • Sunflower Extract is rich in unsaturated fatty acids,  strengthens the skin barrier and keeps skin smooth and soft.
    • French Pink Clay cleanses and detoxifies the skin, removes dead skin cells and creates an overall refreshed appearance. It can also be used to treat poor blood and/or lymph circulation and sun damaged skin. 
    • Rose Hip Extract is hydrating, moisturizing and helps to brighten and boost collagen formation, whilst reducing inflammation.
    • Oatmeal Extract has been used for centuries to treat and soothe a variety of irritating skin conditions associated with dry sensitive skin and especially atopic dermatitis.
    • Allantoin moisturizers, soothes, hydrates and heals skin. It helps to improve the look of tired, dull skin. Although allantoin is gentle, it is an effective anti-aging ingredient. It is highly beneficial in facilitating collagen synthesis and it also boosts extracellular matrix synthesis, making it a strong rejuvenator.
    • Rose Geranium Oil has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, so therefore has a tightening effect on the skin. 

    This formula utilizes each ingredient in its most effective form, selected specifically for its ability to deliver real results.

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