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Limitation of Peeling

You cannot make a calf's skin out of old tanned leather whatever you do. Peeling like every other skin treatment, has its limitations. Clients should be made aware of this so as not toexpect more than is humanly possible to achieve. One can confidently say that "chemical peeling is the most reliable of dermatological treatments" and in my opinion, ours is superior to any I have seen.

Whilst we "cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear”, we can get your skin looking the b...est that it is capable of looking. Sufficient treatment must be undertaken to give you the best result. We always recommend that initially two peelings are performed 4-6 weeks apart. Each peeling stimulates regrowth. Experience has shown that when two peelings are effected at 4-6 week intervals, that is when the cellular reproduction begun by the first peeling has still not finished by the time the second one is applied and a markedly better result is obtained than one. Our protocol and peeling is unique and entirely different from other peelings currently on the market.

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