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Not all peelings are created equal

NOT ALL PEELINGS ARE CREATED EQUAL What are some of the differences between the “Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peeling” and some of the other peelings on the market? • Our peeling comes in the form of a cream which allows for easy and uniform application with no missed spots. • Our peeling can be used on the eyelids without any risk of damaging the eyes as well as used on other areas of the body. • Our peeling requires no pre treatment of the skin prior to peeling.... • Our patients are monitored throughout the peeling process. It is mandatory for patients to come into the clinic for the removal of the skin. Patients are not left to their own devices where skin may be prematurely removed resulting in skin damage. • Our home care is extremely simple consisting of a healing and lubricating cream supplied to patients for use during the peeling process. • Our peeling is safe, effective and suitable for all skin types, color and ages. • Our peeling is not obtainable for purchase online and is available only through our authorized distributors. It is not suitable for home use and is carefully monitored by personnel fully trained in the technique. • Our peeling requires a comprehensive and thorough training in the technique of application and the system in its entirety and is only made available for use to suitably qualified practitioners. • Our peeling is based on resorcinol compounded in special non penetrating base ingredients; therefore the risk of carrying the peeling process too deeply into the skin is avoided. The special characteristics of our technique, is that no destruction of the living cells is involved. Unlike the majority of peelings which allow the physician to control the strength of the peeling, our peeling avoids the possibility of human error.

Always do your research and go to an expert.

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